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                                    1. culture


                                      Corporate Culture
                                      Dedicated: focus on R&D and manufacturing of aluminium alloy, make deep processing in the industry, become strong and big in the aspect of scale and brand in the industry;
                                      Excellent: excellent quality is the foundation for the stand-up of Fenglu;
                                      Fast: quickly meeting the market demand and fast production and delivery are the outstanding characteristics of Fenglu;
                                      Strict: standard management is the fundamental guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.
                                      Operation Philosophy of the Enterprise
                                      Quality Philosophy: quality is the starting point of the value and dignity of Fenglu;
                                      R&D Philosophy: market demand is the fundamental direction and pointer for the RD of Fenglu;
                                      Manufacturing Philosophy: pursuing industry specialization and product diversification;
                                      Talent Philosophy: talent is the core competence for enterprise development.
                                      Enterprise Vision
                                      Continue to lead the development of aluminium industry in China.
                                      Become a global influential aluminium alloy product RD, manufacturing and service provider.
                                      Become a highly competitive and well-recognized brand enterprise in the world.
                                      Core Values of Enterprise
                                      Sincerity: the foundation of the enterprise.
                                      Innovation: sources of enterprise development.
                                      Responsibility: the morality of enterprise.
                                      Win-win: path for survival of enterprise.